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    "PIZZA MAX" it is a young firm and dynamics that it is born behind the Prealpis Biellesi, that from years operating in the sector of bakery and the oven products, you/he/she has produced a line of products semi-finished frozen proper for all the demands of international market, and developed one affirmed and appreciated chain of points sale of:

    The careful firm for a long time to the thousand evolutions and the innovative employments of the best and modern techniques of workmanship and maintenance of alimentary products, from years it produces, he/she sells and delivery in Italy, using the tested and sure technique of the "congelation" (to deepen the knowledge of our technique you see technique), the whole best specialties in the sector of the "workmanship of the flour", attentively following the "ancient recipes" and succeeding in maintaining unchanged him "ancient tastes" of:

    - Pizzas and pizza breads of all the types and dimensions
    - Common bread, bread to the oil, special bread
    - Salty cakes and salatini
    - Oven confectionery, tarts and brioches
    - Twisted sweet for every recurrence

    To see the complete range of the products that Pizza Max is able to deliver all over the world, guaranteeing to whom orders them punctuality in the deliveries, freshness and integrity of the products, visit:

    The Production

    The firm besides within the pursuance of his/her own program of development of points sale in Franchising, offers the possibility to become partner assuring them a to interested subjects "new system of job", that guarantees great satisfaction professional and ample and demonstrable economic gratifications.

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