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    The range of products that Pizza Max offers to customers with some typical confectionery specialties has been expanded. 

    Torcetti: ancient specialty of the  Biellese valleys, the valleys of Lanzo, Torinese and Canavese. 

    They are biscuits, consisting of sticks of pasta that in ancient times thanks to their twisted shape were called "torchietti". Traditionally, the torcetti were born as desserts based on bread dough, passed in sugar or honey and prepared in the common wood-burning ovens of the countries, in which once all the families cooked bread together.
    Over time, the product underwent some transformations, from the initial large sticks of sweet bread, from 1800 onwards the torcetto became a true product of dry pastries. The initial size of the torcetti was reduced by about half, the consistency of the pasta became lighter thanks to the use of less raw flours, the natural yeast was replaced by the brewer's yeast and the butter was introduced and here the torcetti a time reserved only for special occasions or for children on feast days became a delicious specialty to be consumed on every occasion. They are excellent alone or accompanied with whipped cream, hot chocolate, tea or zabaglione.
    Their color is golden straw-yellow and have a crumbly consistency. The ingredients for the preparation are: wheat flour, water, butter, brewer's yeast, malt, sugar and salt. 

    Biscuits: New range of dry biscuits with various shapes

    Donuts with drops of fine chocolate 
    Mezzelune with strawberry 
    Cloves with cherries 
    Apricot stars 

    This recipe has been handed down for generations and only uses genuine ingredients skilfully blended with they respecting the right processing times in order to obtain a healthy, tasty and nutritious product. Suitable for breakfast or as a tasty snack.

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