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    The story of an entire dynasty of master brewers developed parallel to the name Menabrea.

    The company was founded as a laboratory for the production of beer in 1846 , by the Welf family of Walserorigin of Gressoney-La-Trinité in Valle d'Aosta and brothers Antonio and Gian Battista Caraccio, originally from Bioglio and owners of a cafeteria in Biella.

    Between 1854 and 1864 , who remained alone at the head of the renovated workshop, the Caraccio brothers first rented and then sold the brewery for 95 thousand lire of the time to two Aostans , Jean Joseph Menabrea (who from 1861 with the Unit of Italy will change its name to Giuseppe) and Antonio Zimmermann.

    The company passed into the hands of only Menabrea and his sons in 1872 when the company name became G. Menabrea & Sons .

    The production of an excellent type of blonde Pilsner beer and a dark type of Monaco (which seems to be much appreciated by an illustrious Biellese, Quintino Sella , scholar and founder of the Italian Alpine Club ), earned in 1882 to Carlo Menabrea, son of Giuseppe, who took the death of his father at the helm, the title of Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy conferred by king Umberto I .

    The turning point in the ownership of the factory at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries ( 1896 - 1899 ) - when the brothers-in-law Emilio Thedy and Agostino Antoniotti, spouses of the heirs Menabrea, Eugenia and Albertina respectively - did not change the policy of a factory that could cross - until today - throughout the 20th century,maintaining its reputation unaltered.

    To guarantee the notoriety to this company it has been with the passing of time above all the always greater quantity of beer produced, passed from the 8-10 thousand hectoliters annually of the year 1900 to the current approximately 100.000 hectoliters, not disjointed from levels of excellence (and numerous received awards, especially in the first half of the twentieth century, are a direct testimony of this). 

    source: Wikipedia

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